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Branding on a Budget - Free Academy Class Event

Thursday 30th of July 2015

Academy Class is holding a free event in London focusing on some fundamental ways to tell your story on a budget and get your ideas noticed. Join branding expert Michael Murdoch - to learn top tips and tricks he's picked up over the last 10 years in the creative industry. Michael will introduce to The House and their experience across branding, motion, digital and strategy. He will give you tips on branding including the big idea, market research, minimal viable products, the power of networking, discovering your USP, creating your story, brand positioning, logo identity and branding, managing social media, creating a website, launching to the world.

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Sculpteo and Adobe Live Webinar on Making Colour Prints with Photoshop CC

Thursday 27th August 2015 at 12:30pm PST

Are you struggling to get the best looking, and most vivid colours or textures out of your 3D printer? Adobe and Sculpteo are coming together to deliver a webinar focused on Photoshop 3D Printing. This Webinar will introduce you to colour painting in Photoshop. You will be shown features in Adobe's Photoshop CC by Richard Curtis (Digital imaging & 3D Print Specialist at Adobe), including the various 3D painting tools that are essential for getting the vivid colors you're looking for. Richard will then walk you through how to upload your file from Photoshop CC into Sculpteo's website for multi-color printing and explore the many features on the Sculpteo site to be utilized.

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Photoshop for UI/Web/App designers

16 September 2015

Calling anyone that is/wants to use Photoshop to create web graphics. We'll be looking at features of Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 that make it easy for designers to produce web ready graphics. Adobe Generate, CSS export, Typekit fonts, Slice Tool, Save for web & devices, App designer workspace, Images ready for Bootstrap media queries, Automatic HiDPI, @2x, retina images, Multi device artboard, Adobe Color, Actions / Batching, Content aware awesomeness.

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Digital Publishing using InDesign

4th November 2015

This event will cover a range of tips and tricks for people new to InDesign CC and workflow tips for people who grind on with the program every day. We'll have a Q&A session followed by a drink and chat.

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Illustrator & fancy Wacom tablets

3 February 2016

This event we'll show you how awesome Illustrator and a Wacom tablet can be. I'll try and get Wacom to come and present or get them to loan me a few of their tablets so we can all have a go. Watch this space.

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